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  • Myth Busting Monday – ‘I can’t afford a cruise’

Myth Busting Monday – ‘I can’t afford a cruise’

Myth Busting Monday – ‘I can’t afford a cruise’

Welcome to Myth Busting Monday! Myth Busting Monday is going to be one of our new features every Monday to bust all the myths we here about cruising. At Cruise365 we are Cruise Experts and hate when people get put off trying cruising because of false information; so give us a read and let us know about how we can help book your dream cruise holiday!

One misconception that a lot of people have is that cruising is too expensive. Did you know that cruising is one of the most inclusive ways to travel?

Regardless of your budget, there is likely a cruise for you. From mainstream cruising to premium cruising or ultra luxury, there is a style of cruising for everyone within their budgets. Cruising is exceptional value for money, with having so many elements included such as accommodation, food, activities and entertainment.

Whilst on board, your food is included in the price, meaning in most instances you will have a variety of restaurants and café’s to dine from with food available 24/7. Depending on which cruise you go on there will be always be your basic meals included, from breakfast, lunch and dinner however some cruises have more dining options such as pizza parlours and noodle bars. Some people however do get confused about the supplement for speciality dining, which are higher end restaurants which you either pay a flat fee to access, or pay the a la carte menu pricing. One thing we often get asked is, ‘how do you know if the restaurant is at an extra cost?’ This can always be found on your cruise personaliser, or on board as the restaurant will always have a currency sign next to the menu, so there isn’t any hidden fees!

As well as just the dining element, you will also (with most cruises) have basic drinks included, such as tea, coffee and juices when dining. Normally, there are juice and tea/coffee stations at the buffet area and on the larger cruises they are in other places too. As well as this, there are water fountains throughout the ships so be sure to take a water bottle with you for when you’re exploring ashore!

With cruises, most of your entertainment is included and believe us when we say, the entertainment is amazing! Some cruise lines even have Broadway shows on board such as We Will Rock You, Grease, Cats & Hairspray. Other entertainment includes Cirque du Soleil, Aqua Shows, Ice-Skating Shows, Comedians, Singers and dancers. Each night, there will be some form of entertainment going on around the ship, as well as several music bars for the more low key entertainment.

And if that isn’t enough, activities are also included within your fare. Some examples of activities are surfing, ziplining, waterslides, ice skating, roller blading, beer pong, dry slides, bumper cars and they are all included within your fare.

As well as having loads of amazing inclusions, cruising is one of the best ways to see the world as nearly every day you are waking up in a new destination to explore!

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