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Visa Requirements

A Basic Guide to Visa Requirements in Different Countries, please note the information provided is for Full British Citizens and is for guidance only.  There may be additional individual circumstances (such as guests with a criminal record, refused entry into a country etc) that may mean a guest requires a full visa, please contact us if you feel you may need a full visa.

Please read this page carefully.

Cruise365 Important Notice – There are a lot of scam website for visas and ETA Visas, we have the official ones below, you should never pay extra fees for a visa if you use the official site.

Some countries require that you have a Visa either before travel or on arrival. This is not an exhaustive list but a guide to the most popular destinations our cruise line partners visit, the information is based on guests arriving for tourism purposes only and a maximum time limit on duration of stay will apply (please call if your extending your stay longer than the normal cruise holiday):


USA – currently a valid US ESTA is required for guests arriving by Air or Sea into the USA as well as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (please call if driving across the border from Canada or Mexico), this costs approximately $21 per guest. Please make sure you click the correct link to the official US Site so you do not pay a premium for your ESTA:



Canada – guests arriving by Air into Canada require a Canadian ETA Visa, this costs approximately $7. Please make sure you click the correct link to the official Canadian Site so you do not pay a premium for your ETA:



Australia – guests visiting Australia will need eVisitor which is currently Free of Charge, please click this link:


India – Guests arriving on a cruise into India can now apply for an E-Visa saving time, the cost is approximately USD $100 Per Person. The official link is below:



Vietnam currently are allowing our cruise guests to travel without a visa, this could be revoked at any time and if it was then there is a nominal charge payable on ship.


a Visa will be arranged on board ship and costs approximately $35

New Zealand

Starting from October 2019 all guests  (including guests visiting New Zealand by Cruise Ship) will need a New Zealand ETA Visa (NZeTA) and will also be required to pay an ‘IVL’ (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy) , the cost of the NZeTA is expected to be NZD $19 if you use the New Zealand Tourism Mobile App or NZD $23 if you use a web browser, the cost of the IVL is an additional NZD $35 per person.
Important – the App is still in testing mode and the only way to apply is online, please see the link below to the official New Zealand Government website.

All information is based on guests holding a full British Citizen passport, having at least 6 months validity on passport on return date of travel*, having spare pages on their passport for visas. Important if there is any reason why you think you may be illegible for a visa (e.g. criminal record,) please make sure you have checked that you can travel to a country before you book your holiday as refunds can not be provided once booked.

* If the UK leaves the EU your passport will only be valid for 10 years from the issue date, additional months given in grace not be valid.

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