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  • Travelling On a Cruise – 8 Mistakes to Avoid so You Are Not Refused Boarding

Travelling On a Cruise – 8 Mistakes to Avoid so You Are Not Refused Boarding


As we all start to travel and enjoy the new normal in the world the Cruise365 team would like to share with you some common mistakes that could stop you travelling. Please make sure you do not fall foul of the rules needed to travel on a cruise ship.  This information is intended as a guide and we would remind you that it is your responsibility to make sure you have everything in place to travel.

below is the 8 most common problems and by planning now you should enjoy plain sailings:

1) Make sure you all have a Valid Covid Passport and make sure this is in Date*

*Make sure you have either downloaded the applicable NHS App or order a printed copy of your covid status before travel (We advise guests do this 3 weeks prior to travel where possible)


2) Make sure you are fully vaccinated and have had your first booster* if you want to follow the ‘Up to Date’ easier protocols for cruising:

To be classed  as ‘Up To Date’ all Adult Guests and most children are required to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 (Adults to have had their main 2 covid-19 vaccinations plus 1 booster (please note currently your 1st booster does not have an expiry date.
to travel into the EU your Covid Pass is only valid 270 days (approx. 9 months) after your 2nd jab, our advice is to make sure you have your first booster and can prove this on your covid pass, currently your 1st booster does not have an expiry date.

** Unvaccinated guests can travel on certain cruises as long as they take private tests, please note the country you visits eg USA my require guests to be vaccinated so please check with the Cruise365 team the rules for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated guests.

** CHECK WITH EVERYBODY IN YOUR PARTY AND DON’T ASSUME THEY HAVE HAD BOOSTERS, typically you will need a booster the minimum of 7 days before you join your cruise ship, some cruise lines insist on having boosters.

3) Take the correct Covid Test at the right time to join your cruise ship or for travel to selected countries*

On selected cruises Private Covid tests are still required, particularly if the cruise visiting Greece, Bermuda or Canada. Make sure you have read the protocols for your cruise before travel (we advise all of our guests approx 2 weeks before travel the most up to date protocols.

Update – selected cruise lines now do not need private testing pre travel, please see below:

Travelling on a cruise is getting easier and on a large selection of cruises you do not now need to take a test or can take a self test. Cruise365 advise all of our guests approx 2 weeks before travel the most up to date protocols.

4) Check your passport is in date and valid, this can be confusing with the new rules since the UK left the European Union*

British Adult Passports are now only valid for 10 years from the issue date when travelling in Europe, If your passport was issued on 1 August 2013 it will expire on 1 August 2023 (even if it has a later expiry date). Typically you need 6 months validity on a passport from the date you disembark your cruise so using the 1st August 2023 expiry as an example you would only be able to board a cruise that ended before 31 January 2023.

5) Make sure you have completed any forms needed to travel to your destination country and have any applicable visas / e-visas*

Unfortunately some forms will still need to be completed to travel and some countries need visas (eg US Esta). If you are flying to to your cruise make sure you have checked with the country you are flying to if you need to complete a form to enter the country before travel. Typically if you are cruising a form is not required but if local rules say they need to be your cruise line will advise you and the friendly on board staff will be able to help you complete these.

6) Make sure you have travel insurance that covers you for Covid-19 (including cancellation, medical and repatriation*

Travel insurance has always been essential when cruising. Make sure that any policy (including policies through your bank) have covid-19 cover that would cover you for cancellation, medical and repatriation if necessary.

7) Reconfirm your flight times on all flights sectors the day before each journey as the airlines may change these.

With all the new rules for travel in a covid era it is still important to make sure you have taken responsibility for your own travels, make sure you check in at least 24 hours before for any flights or cruises, if you are on a multi-centre make sure you check your flight times and status before each flight as airlines may have rescheduled since booking or even when on your journey.

8) Check In Online or on the app for your cruise and compete any applicable health forms when asked*

Make sure you have completed the pre-cruise health forms that are usually within 3 days of travel, this is not just covid this could also involve sickness bugs etc.

The above isn’t an exhaustive list of what is needed but by following the guidelines for the country you are flying to and the rules of the cruise line you are travelling with your journey will run a lot smoother and you can look forward to your well-earned cruise holiday.


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